City Farm in Hull awarded grant to create a ‘Pocket Park’

City Farm Hull, a new community venture formed out of collaborative working with Recycling Unlimited, HANA (Humber All Nations Alliance) and HEY Mind, is proud to announce that it has been awarded a grant of £11,735 to create a ‘Pocket Park’ at its site on Beverley Road in Hull.

A ‘Pocket Park’ is a small oasis of grass, sweet smelling plants and pleasant scenery in the midst of an urban area.

Nestled to the rear of the Kingston Youth Centre and just off the busy Beverley Road, the aim of the ‘Pocket Park’ is to provide some peace and tranquility to a world that at times can seem to be nothing but stress.

Opening in May and located at the City Farm we will be holding an international event to celebrate the grand opening which will include performances from a variety of different cultures including singing and dancing and a barbecue.

In today’s modern world it can be hard to find a peaceful place to take a few minutes out to reflect and enjoy your surroundings. We are happy to be able to provide this for the community to bring the opportunity to sit, relax and enjoy the scenery and maybe make new friends. For some it can be a brief escape at lunch time, for others a place to sit outdoors and just think or perhaps even daydream.

Centrally located to be easily accessible for those people who live or work within the city centre, the Pocket Park will be a perfect place for workers to come on their lunch break and relax before tackling a busy afternoon.

Chair of the City Farm project, Eddie Brooks, said

We are so pleased that we have been successful in our bid to create the ‘Pocket Park’ on The city Farm site. I know myself how hard it is to find a little solitude and re-gather your thoughts, and towards the city centre it is so much harder. We know this project will be a valuable addition to the site.

Volunteer Frank Potter added

We are all so pleased to be able to add this green space to the project. There will be herbs, bushes and aromatic plants there too to add to the pleasant surroundings. This will be a haven in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city.