Trustees and Management Committees collectively hold the legal responsibility for their Charity, group or organisation. Good governance is the system and process concerned with ensuring the overall direction, effectiveness and accountability of an organisation and ensures that it is well run and complies with law and regulation.

Courses include:

This free workshop will inspire and revitalise the way you work by offering fresh thinking and the opportunity to reflect and share experiences with other trustees.

No matter what your background, the session will help you to gain confidence in your role as a trustee.

Join us for practical tips and the opportunity to strengthen the skills required to invigorate your board.

This workshop aims to help trustees both understand their duties and ensure that they are equipped with the appropriate knowledge to undertake them. It will help trustees understand what creates “good governance” and will include:

  • Overview of Legislation and the Charity Act 2011
  • The role of the Charity Commission and Support Available
  • Understanding Charitable Purpose
  • Primary Duty of Trustees
  • Other Trustee Duties
  • Powers to Act
  • Managing Conflicts of Interest
  • The Code of Governance
  • Identifying strengths and areas for improvement in own Governance practice

“Meetings take minutes but sometimes waste hours” – this session is designed for people who want to improve the effectiveness of their meetings. We will be assessing our own meetings against the Peter Honey diagnostic which identifies 10 areas where meetings go wrong and looking at simple tricks to get our meetings back on track.

Peter Honey suggests that there are 5 key areas for Chairing. This session uses a Peter Honey self-diagnostic tool to help you identify which of the 5 areas you could improve in your own chairing and supports you to put into practice ideas for improvements.


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