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Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance have been forwarding the Cancer Champion programme since September 2018 and since then have trained over 1,000 people.

The aim of the Cancer Champion programme is to raise awareness of the early signs and symptoms of cancer, promote the national screening programmes and early detection. Early detection saves lives, it matters!

Having conversations around cancer aren’t always the nicest or easiest. The Cancer Champion Programme aims to get the conversation about cancer into our communities.

Anyone and everyone can be a Cancer Champion, it’s about real people talking to real people and making every contact count!

The Cancer Champion training will include; identifying some of the early signs and symptoms of the most common cancers and how to talk about cancer with friends, family etc. All attendees will receive a supportive handbook, resource pack, Cancer Champion badge and certificate on completion.


For more details please view the cancer champions page here, or contact Emma lewin via email or telephone: 07519 120809

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