Recycling Unlimited – Open Day


From 10:00 until 14:00

At Recycling Unlimited

151, Newland Avenue, Hull, HU5 2ER.


Recycling Unlimited

Recycling Unlimited is a registered charity established to assist in the treatment and care of persons suffering from mental illness of any description and members of any disadvantaged or socially excluded group in need of rehabilitation, by providing facilities for work experience and vocational skills training. The work activities provided help recovery from mental health problems through learning new skills, feeling valued and supported as well as developing self-confidence. We construct garden furniture from reclaimed timber and sell this along with donated goods from our charity shops.

We also deliver training programmes, covering a variety of basic personal skills such as basic joinery and carpentry, retailing and office work, gardening and horticulture, painting, computing skills and others. Our training activities aim to help people with mental health problems to reinforce their ‘Skills for Life’ and re-gain their practical vocational skills, strengthen their confidence and provide them with the appropriate transferable skills to increase their chances of employability and help them to re-integrate into society. We provide support to adult learners in literacy and numeracy skills and help people from ethnic minority groups to learn English. Our ESOL tuition and advocacy services for people of ethnic minority groups aim at integrating them into the community, thus preventing them from becoming isolated, depressed and mentally ill.

All the above therapeutic activities help our clients to increase their confidence and self-esteem, gain new skills, feel valued and re-integrate into the community. The end result of all this is an improved mental health which leads to much improved all round well being.
The Recycling Unlimited Organisation is holding an Open Day on Tuesday 7th February between 10am and 2pm.The focus of the day is to promote the work that we do, the various services we provide and to build relationships with individuals and other organisations which will be mutually beneficial.

There are four different venues to visit. There are our two shops where we sell donated goods and garden furniture that we produce. The first of which is our Head Quarters where we give inductions, assess training needs and provide the appropriate support and training. This is located at:-

Recycling Unlimited,
151, Newland Avenue,
HU5 2ER.

Our second shop is found nearby:-

The Yard,
204, Newland Avenue,

There is The City Farm which incorporates The Pocket Park which is where we teach life skills in a therapeutic environment, growing vegetables and planting, tending and pruning flowers. This can be found at:-

The City Farm,
48, Beverley Road, (Behind The Kingston Youth Centre)
HU3 1YE.

There is also our woodworking workshop where we produce various types of garden furniture which we sell in our shops. We also make bespoke pieces of furniture too. This is located at:-

Recycling Unlimited,
Bontoft Avenue, (To the rear of Fred Balls Fastenings)
National Avenue,
HU5 4HF.

We also support veterans and others who are looking for work or are suffering from poor mental health. We help those who have lack of confidence and low self esteem and those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress. If you know anyone in this position, please ask them to contact Eddie at 151, Newland Avenue, Telephone: 01482 343726. Eddie, who founded the organisation after suffering Post Traumatic Stress himself during active service has, along with his team, helped thousands of clients to a better life.


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