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YMCA Humber is calling on local people to come together and take part in our 10th Anniversary Sleep Easy Fundraiser and sleep rough for one night to support local, homeless young people.

This year’s event will take place on Friday 1st February 2019 between 6pm and 6am and see supporters sleep out for one night to raise awareness of the hundreds of young people who sleep rough every year, as well as raise funds to help YMCA Humber and other local Charities to support residents and young people in their services.

The Hull event will be held at:

Wilberforce College

Salthouse Rd

Participants will spend the night out with shelter building and fun activitiesthroughout the evening. Registration is free.

YMCA Humber has hosted Sleep Easy nights since 2010 and raised over £150,000 in that time to support local Charities providing services to some of the most vulnerable people in the area.

This year, YMCA Humber and other homeless charities will be looking to raise funds to provide services to those less fortunate.

Helen Pine, YMCA Humber Acting Chief Executive, said:

We’re delighted to be hosting our 2019 Sleep Easy event at Freshney Place on 1st February

We know from our experience over the past 40 years that without the support we offer, many more young people would be sleeping on the streets and have less options and less chance of realising their potential.

We are calling on the local community, old and young, to sign up to our Sleep Easy to help us support our services today and into the future. One night out can make a lifetime of difference.

Local people interested in taking part in YMCA Humber’s Sleep Easy can find out more by visiting our website www.ymca-humber.com or contacting Leanne Kennedy on 07736 156 124 or emailing at info@ymca-humber.com

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