HER Breast Friends ‘Friendship Group’ is a weekly contact avenue offering activities, quizzes, recipes, information and more, to help keep people engaged during the lockdown period. It is a way of ensuring that during isolation, people have some sort of contact whilst hopefully providing them with fun things to do… and with another 3 weeks of lockdown announced, it’s probably needed now more than ever.

The group is a simple form of communication and involvement, with no pressure on anyone. They just want to provide a sense of positivity, fun and belonging during this time, so what better way to include more people than to contact the supporters, businesses and organisations the Charity has dealt with.

If you, or you know of anyone (individual or group), who may benefit from our Friendship Group, please let Jayne Beck know so she can add your/their email to the mailing list, or with their permission, send their address and she will add them to the weekly post service.

Additionally, the majority of activities and information can be found on their website at www.herbreastfriends.org.uk plus theirsocial media outlets – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

This is NOT just for those who’ve had a diagnosis of breast cancer but for ANYONE who may benefit from being involved and included, regardless of circumstances during this time.