Hull Activity Grants is the provision of £25,000 per year for the next 3 years to enable grassroots community groups to access grant funding in order to increase community capital across the city.


In 2013 the Rank Foundation and Esmee Fairbairn Foundations jointly launched the ‘Hull Community Development Programme’. This was £1.5 million investment over 3 years with a focus on grants to 21 community organisations to build capacity, increase innovation and encourage connectivity. This has become a model in place-based philanthropy and has attracted national and international interest.

In April 2016 the Foundations’ launched Phase 2.  This will run for a further 3 years and have a greater focus on enterprise and innovation. The overall outcomes are; to Strengthen Resilience, to Promote Collaboration and to Leave a Vibrant Legacy. This Phase supports 9 organisations with 5 of those originally supported commencing new projects.

The provision of the Activity Grants opportunity is to help drive the legacy benefits of both phases of the Programme.

Hull Activity Grants

Activity Grants is the provision of £25,000 per year, with an approximate limit of £500 / application, for the next 3 years. The ambition is for grassroots community groups to access grant funding in order to increase social capital across Hull.

This recognises that all communities have assets; the challenge is to provide activity and opportunity that releases its value. The ambition is to give opportunities for local leaders to determine appropriate and focussed interventions. Both Foundations understand the benefits that the social sector can achieve when it’s allowed the freedom to capitalise on its own energy, relationships and networks. The Activity Grants are designed to simply increase Community Capital in Hull.

Community organisations (with at least two signatories on the bank account) can make applications.

Application for funding to increase community capital include:

  • hosting an event or activity
  • purchasing new equipment or materials
  • setting up a pilot project or starting up a new group
  • expenses for volunteers, pay for workers and professional fees
  • transport costs

Connected communities are stronger communities and the Hull Activity Grants will prioritise applications that aim to increase opportunities for engagement and social connectedness.

Each grant will be in the region of £500 and a local decision-making panel that meets quarterly will approve grants. We are currently accepting applications for our meeting on 13 September 2018. Applications are now open for that round so if you can circulate the link to your networks that would be brilliant. The link is –

The deadline for next considerations is 30th August.

Social Capital

Increasing community capital can lead to 4 dividends:

  1. Increased wellbeing – social connectedness correlates with wellness
  2. Active citizenship – local influence is advocated and activated
  3. Capacity – to influence change through networks
  4. Economic – improvements in health and employability

Dave Rawding the Local Associate for the Hull Community Development Programme said

Phase 1 of this programme exceeded all expectations. The collective and collaborative benefits achieved have been huge. Activity Grants are designed to replicate how small opportunities given to sound projects with good leaders can really maximise benefits for local people. We want to give locals the opportunity to impact on their own communities