Hull City Council Business Research and Consultation

Hull City Council has developed an Enterprise Research Panel to collect the views of local organisations a few times a year. Each survey will only take around 10 minute to complete. Please take a moment to give us your views.

Access your Enterprise Panel survey here

In the latest survey we ask your views on:

• A Digital Strategy for Hull
• How improved connectivity might help your business
• Whether you would upgrade, or get connected if financial help was available
• Earning while Learning – The death of the Saturday job
• Register for the ICT voucher scheme – help to upgrade your IT (at the end of the survey)
• What next for Hull? Register for an exclusive regeneration tour (at the end of the survey)

All of your responses will be confidential and results will be reported anonymously.

The Enterprise Panel will also be a key component in making sure we get input from local organisations on future regeneration projects.

Find out more about the Enterprise Panel, including member benefits

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