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A new and unique project, based at the Marfleet Community Centre, has begun. In  August 2019 the Marfleet Community Centre became a hub for the delivery of services to people who want to develop their entrepreneurial skills. This is a project that aims to bring business creation into the heart of communities.  It is there for everyone and particularly those who would like to be self-starters but feel that, in reality, there would be too many barriers for them.

Those people will be supported through the project.  They will have access to training and equipment that will help them to move closer to their ambition.  They will also have space in the Marfleet Centre to: Imagine, create, plan, engage and communicate.

Since its incorporation in 2012, TimeBank Hull and East Riding (TBHER) has grown into one of the most demographically diverse TimeBanks in the country and has recruited over 1000 members (individuals, organisations and businesses). Building on our learning, the TimeBank now sits within the broader context of mutual aid – a parallel, collaborative economy which works on many levels and accounts for how people naturally cooperate and share when they have built connections and trust. Sharing skills, space and equipment is a core component of this project along with tech to support exchange. The aim of the project is to build networks of interdependence which bridge to a livelihood within the market economy enabling participants to build confidence, source support to move towards employment and the development of enterprises including worker cooperatives.

In order for the project to work we need to call upon a wide range of skills, to be utilised on a flexible basis, to reflect the needs of the project and its members.  This process is designed to establish contacts who have expertise in certain areas that will collectively make up this skills pool. Services can either be arranged through a temporary employment agreement or via a freelance arrangement.
Staff are needed to provide occasional work in the following areas:

  1. Marketing, promotion and media
  2. Business engagement
  3. IT
  4. Co-operative business models
  5. Catering/kitchen management
  6. Business and individual coaching
  7. Community artists
  8. Administration
  9. Design
  10. Building adaptation and maintenance
  11. Lifestyle skills e.g. confidence building

Deadline 31st December 2019 – see google doc below for full application details

To apply for this job please visit docs.google.com.