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North Lincolnshire Children’s Direct Payments

Following the successful award of contract by North Lincolnshire Council, from 1st October 2018 MNH now offer a full wrap around service for the users of the Direct Payment system for children in North Lincolnshire.

In addition to our usual payroll services offered to our direct payment clients, the North Lincolnshire service also includes:

  • Personal consultation with our family liaison officer to explain all aspects of direct payments to ensure the service fully meets the needs of the family, either in the clients home or at a preferred meeting point
  • Advice on how best to use direct payments and information on all options available to clients and potential costings of different care pathways
  • Advice on recruitment and access to a library of essential documents, such as contracts, terms and conditions and holiday request forms
  • Support with current employment legislation and record keeping including the completion of timesheets and HMRC paperwork
  • Advice on managing staff including sick pay, maternity/paternity pay, disciplinary and dismissal issues
  • Payroll processing delivered by a dedicated team member who is responsible for providing ongoing support and advice
  • Review meetings with our family liaison team to monitor the progress of family while using direct payments
  • Support with next steps as children reach an age to be transferred to adult services, and aiding a smooth transition
Rachael Fischer
Rachael FischerFamily Liaisons Officer

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North Lincolnshire Children’s Direct Payments
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