Wednesday 14th March is National No Smoking Day and the NHS East Riding Stop Smoking Service is ready to help smokers quit. No Smoking Day is an annual health awareness day which aims to raise awareness, connecting millions of people who are on their smoke free journey to share stories and celebrate progress.

Each year the campaign embraces a theme to help unite people, encourage discussion and promote the unique ways people find success in quitting. This year’s theme is ‘#TellUsYourWay’ which is designed to encourage smokers to share individual stories and tips for how they curbed their addiction.

The local NHS Healthtrainers are on hand to help deliver Stop Smoking services, along with other lifestyle initiatives, for all East Riding residents looking to make and sustain positive changes.

Humber NHS Foundation Trust Service Manager, Natalie Belt said

Whether you are looking for guidance or support to kick-start a healthier, happier lifestyle, or whether you want more confidence to tackle a situation you’re dealing with and need some coping mechanisms; if you need more balance in your life and want to improve your wellbeing, the NHS Healthtrainer service can help. The team are friendly, understanding and supportive, encouraging local communities to achieve successful lifestyle changes and maintain them for good. Anyone looking to stop smoking with no idea where to start can access the support of NHS Healthtrainers, who will be able to help map out your quit process. Starting with a quit date, the service can provide Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and work alongside local pharmacies to support quitting and make your quit both successful and sustainable

Natalie explains

The service will be promoting National No Smoking Day, helping to raise awareness of the importance of quitting smoking and the benefits it has to your health and wellbeing. Everyone’s different, which means the way you quit smoking needs to be your choice. It’s all about working out what’s right for you to increase your chances of quitting for good, and by using this methodology, the service helped over 800 people QUIT smoking last year within the East Riding of Yorkshire. Smokers who use their local stop smoking service are up to four times more likely to successfully stop smoking for good so there has never been a better time to get in touch

People keen to improve their wellbeing and quit smoking can get support by calling the NHS East Riding Stop Smoking Service on 0800 9177752 or emailing the team at

The service also offers hints and tips on Twitter from @healthtrainers1 and will be out and about throughout the East Riding during the week, raising awareness of National No Smoking Day and providing details of how individuals can access the service.