City Partnerships

Partnership Working in Hull

The Government believes more gets done if the Council, health, police and fire services, voluntary and community groups, businesses, work together. Pooling experience and expertise, together they can understand local people, places and problems and make sure the right actions and services are delivered.

City Partnerships

Hull’s City Leadership Board has been established to drive forward the delivery of the City’s Partnership Strategy 2011-2014. The Leadership Board is supported by delivery boards for each of the key strategic partnerships –

  • The Health and Wellbeing Board
  • The Community Safety Partnership
  • The Children’s Trust
  • The North Bank Partnership (a sub board of the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership).
  • The Community Budgets Programme Board
  • The Green City Group
  • The Total Capital and Assets Group

The Partnership has set out a vision for Hull in 2020

‘Hull is a City which is living, learning, working, healthy and proud. One of the most important cities in Northern Europe, we are a gateway for global trade and the heart of a prosperous Humber sub-region’

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Area Partnerships/Committees

area_mapWorking with ONE HULL are seven Area Partnerships, based on the seven City Council Area Committee boundaries. The partnerships are made up of ward councillors, service providers, local residents, and voluntary and community groups.

Each Area Partnership develops local priorities for action to help deliver the City’s priorities set out in the Sustainable Community Strategy and Local Area Agreement.

For more information on the Area Partnerships visit the Hull City Council website.