What is the Compact?

The National Compact

The Compact is all about better partnership working and creating better outcomes for individuals and local communities.

Established in 1998, the Compact is an agreement between Government and the voluntary and community sector in England. It recognises shared values, principles and commitments and sets out guidelines for how both parties should work together. Local compact agreements are also now in place across England.

Although the Compact is not legally binding and is built on trust and mutual goodwill, its authority is derived from its endorsement by Government and by the voluntary and community sector itself through its consultation process.

In 2010 the revised National Compact was launched.

Compact: the agreement between government and the voluntary/community sector 

Useful Websites

Compact Voice

Representative body for the interests of the voluntary and community sector in all matters related to the Compact and to get the sector’s views raised to the Government and to the Commission for the Compact.