Positive Hull first existed as a free daily drop in to combat isolation and ran from a studio on Posterngate, Hull called Jen’s Pick me up. It allowed people from all walks of life to take refuge and enjoy a chat and a coffee. The conversation flowed and it proved very popular.

From June 2017 Positive Hull CIC became nomadic in it’s approach in an attempt to reach out to more isolated people. The ‘on tour’ crew visited a different public space every day, for a week every month for 6 months.

They know that there are many reasons why someone might feel isolated. They also know how hard it can be to tackle this problem when it’s much easier not to. But they believe that isolation is responsible for increases in cases of poor mental health and emotional well being. They aren’t saying that they can fix all of your problems but problems don’t seem so big with a friend by your side.

Unfortunately the stigma attached to mental health still exists although they are winning the fight and sometimes others will not know how to react to someone who talks openly about it and you will almost certainly loose some friends. Positive Hull aim to provide an opportunity to replenish your friends list with new positive connections that will improve your life forever.

Between 10am and 2pm they will be at a venue in Hull waiting for others to join them for tea or coffee, cake and decent local natter. It’s very informal and they encourage a ‘come as you are’ attitude. They never judge what has brought you but instead celebrate your achievement of making it out of the house. They are genuinely excited for you as this is often the first step towards a better life positively.

They can offer our extensive knowledge of local provisions and may suggest contacting any services that we feel may benefit you. This remains your decision and will not affect your ability to access our support.

They are often joined by volunteering professionals whom they invite to showcase their services or just lend a listening ear.

They specialise in positive psychology and they see this as a universal truth that will compliment any existing treatment you may be recieving.

From time to time they arrange larger scale social events, this is your opportunity to test your new found confidence and meet other positive people from across Hull.