Sainsbury’s Food Donation Partnership Programme

We have over 2,000 Food Donation Partnerships across our stores and depots that receive our surplus food and customer donations.

The challenge

Foodbank use remains at record levels, rising two percent on last year, according to latest figures published by The Trussell Trust. 1,109,309 three day emergency food supplies were provided to people in crisis by the charity’s network of 424 foodbanks in the 2015/16 financial year, compared to 1,084,604 in 2014/15.

What we’re doing

It has long been our approach to reduce waste within our business and we have partnerships in place to ensure we donate surplus food to charities wherever possible.

Across our stores and depots we have over 2,000 partnerships with local charities in order to donate food from customer collections or surplus stock. Our front-of-store food donation partnerships (this is usually ambient, canned and packaged goods) allow our customers to support their local community by buying items in store to donate.

We are very proud to have also been donating our surplus food to charities across the UK since 1998. Our back–of–store partnerships (usually fresh produce, bakery etc. that is close to its Use-By date) enable us to donate our surplus food to these charities who then redistribute it to help people who need it most.

Anya Todd, Community Affairs Manager, said:

We have been committed to building a strong and sustainable network of food donation partners since 1998 and are extremely proud of what we have achieved to date. It has long been our ambition to have a food donation partner for each store and we are continuing to making great progress towards that goal.

We are focused on building strong and sustainable relationships between our stores and the food partners to ensure long-term success. We also have the same levels of focus within our supply chain which started back in 1994 when we co-founded FareShare.

What’s next?

Our aim is to increase the reach of our programme to have all of our stores set up with food donation partners.

Charities are encouraged to contact a Sainsbury’s store local to them to discuss how the store might be able to donate surplus food.

If you know of a charity that would be interested in partnering with Sainsbury’s please enquire in store or email