EU Bah Gum! Yorkshire Voices on Brexit

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Let’s bring the Brexit conversation to the people it’s going to effect Us! You and Your Community Maybe you’re already experiencing the effects of the Brexit vote, perhaps your hopeful for a more unified society after we leave. Whatever your views – it’s happening and local community filmmakers are inviting everybody to get together and

Big Vista Festival

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The Big Vista Festival Pearson Park, Hull 7 th July 2018 1 – 7pm This summer, a large-scale free festival of local music, art and entertainment will be held in Pearson Park, Hull. Organised by local partners that have previously run the VISTA and Big Gig events in the area, this year they are

Refugee Week event: International Cuisine

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At this free event, women from various refugee communities will share some of their delicious food with their guests. The food originates from Ethiopia, Congo, Sudan, Iraq, Syria and Somalia.There will also be some entertainment and presentations to raise awareness about refugee issues and a chance to network and socialize. There will be donation boxes

Hull and District Live at Home – introduction

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Hull & District Live at Home is a local based charity that runs Activity/ Friendship/ Craft and Lunch Clubs for older people from a lovely venue, the Commonwealth Homes Community Hall, Hartoft Road, Hull. We are very interested to hear from any charity/ organisation/ self-help group or individuals who support/ wish to support older

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