In to Work Breakfast Meeting

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Welcome to In to Work's first Breakfast meeting! Having already supported over 100 people into sustainable employment over the last 6 months, In to Work would like to invite you to our first breakfast meeting to see if you or your customers would benefit from our support. Introducing ‘In to Work’ ‘In to Work’ is

Community Led Local Development

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A new grant scheme in Hull from Summer 2018 CLLD Grants will help people in Hull access and create local economic opportunities through 5 priority activities: Targeted training in key work-related skills Making it easier to find and access work Growing integrated community hubs Supporting local and community businesses Joining up support to increase

Supporting Clients with Harmful Sexual Behaviours

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A one day multi-agency event that explores risk, needs and means of supporting clients with harmful sexual behaviours whilst remaining alert and confident of role boundaries and safeguarding responsibilities. For front-line practitioners and their managers in client-facing occupations (housing, mental health, education, health care and similar settings) and who have no previous training in this


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