Ensuring Young Carers are Safe, Healthy, Aspiring and Achieving

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Whilst the latest census identified 166,000 young carers in the UK (ONS,2011), the actual figure is likely to be much higher, with the Children’s Society estimate being closer to 700,000. Whilst caring is seen as rewarding by the majority of young carers, the associated responsibilities can have multiple and significant adverse effects, including; under-engagement in

Transforming Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services: Promoting, Protecting and Improving Children and Young People’s Mental Health

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According to findings from the Centre for Mental Health (Missed Opportunities, 2016) children and young people with mental illness have to wait an average of ten years before receiving help. In the last 25 years, rates of depression and anxiety amongst young people have increased by 70%. In 2015/16, almost 19,000 teenagers were admitted to


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