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Universal Credit brings fresh challenges for people with multiple needs

The Making Every Adult Matter Coalition has written a short blog explaining how Universal Credit can be challenging for people with multiple needs.

The blog discusses how the payment-in-arrears format, online-only forms and quickly changing individual situations can mean people are left in extreme financial difficulty for long periods of time.

Read the blog here

Skills & Opportunities Fund

The Skills & Opportunities Fund supports the communities we live and work in. This year we’re committing £2.5m to fund projects across the UK and Ireland.

Our focus for this funding is to support organisations that help people in disadvantaged communities to develop, create or access the skills and opportunities they need to help themselves, specifically in the areas of financial capability and enterprise. We believe that helping people gain such skills and access opportunities to learn can help turn their lives around and build better communities for everyone; when we build stronger communities, we all grow.

We want to support as many people and organisations as possible. So, even if your project doesn’t make the shortlist, we may still be able to offer our skills and expertise to help you get your project off the ground. To be eligible for this type of support, make sure your project meets the regional priorities and the set criteria before you apply; where we believe we can add value and your project has particular merit – we will contact you.

Source: Skills & Opportunities Fund

Screwfix Foundation

The Screwfix Foundation raises funds throughout the year to support causes that will change people’s lives. They work with both national and local charities donating much needed funding to help all sorts of projects, from repairing buildings and improving facilities in deprived areas, to decorating the homes of people living with sickness or disability.

Applications can be submitted at any time.

For more information please go to the website here.

Source: Screwfix Foundation – Voluntary Action Rotherham : Voluntary Action Rotherham