Charities currently have 28 days to deal with requests made through the Fundraising Preference Service, but are being brought in line with the Data Protection Act, says the Fundraising Regulator

Charities will have only 21 days to act on requests from people who want to block contact with them through the Fundraising Preference Service, the Fundraising Regulator has announced.

From 1 March, charities will have 21 days to act on suppression requests made through the FPS, down from the current 28-day limit.

The regulator said the change was being made to bring the FPS rules in line with the Data Protection Act 2018.

In a statement in its newsletter, the regulator said the change in rules would also affect how it responded to complaints about charities involving the FPS.

We’ll consider complaints about direct marketing received by individuals 21 days after the first suppression request was made,

Charities should prepare for this change now by considering how this will affect their internal processes.

Users of the charities portal on the FPS would be asked to agree to updated terms and conditions, which would include the change in response time, from March 1, the statement said.

Anyone with any questions should email, the statement said.

Source: Third Sector