Since the start of the Covid pandemic health and social care organisations have shared a huge amount of information about Covid 19 including prevention, infection, restrictions, vaccination and where to access support.

As part of our work with Hull City Council and the NHS, both Forum Community Health Connectors and Hull CVS are looking at how Covid information was received and how appropriate this was for specific groups.

As part of this we are carrying out focus groups and running a survey which will look at what information was received, where it was received from, any messaging or method of delivery that stands out as being particularly positive or negative and any ways that this could be improved.

The information we receive from these groups and survey responses will help to shape new ways of communicating and engaging with the public, ensuring that key messages are understood and are accessible for all.

The survey can be accessed here and will run between now and the beginning of September.

If you, or a group that you work with would like to discuss this work or share more information about how Covid information was received, and any barriers that were experienced please contact Elvis Ogah