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Digital Solutions

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With more support and information available online now than ever before, it’s imperative that organisations have the tools they need to advertise and deliver their much needed services.

With specialisms in marketing, communications and websites, we support local organisations to improve the way their service is showcased, creating bespoke solutions based entirely on what you want to achieve.

Unlike many costly digital solutions offered in the market, here at Hull CVS we understand how careful organisations have to be with their budgets. That is why we have created our own in house digital support offer to help you improve your digital presence in a cost effective way.

Our Services:

Hull CVS provides the following services to Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations and businesses.

If you are not currently a member, it may be worth joining Hull CVS as member organisations receive a discounted rate some of our services.

Web Design

Hull CVS is bringing our experience of design and delivery to the digital world, providing reasonably costed designs, using our CATERED approach to specifically meet your needs.

With around 60% of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, our designs keep responsivity in mind whilst offering unique and modern styles.

Our Approach

At Hull CVS we believe every website should be as unique as the organisation it belongs to. That’s why our catered approach ensures throughout design and delivery, our products are:

Unlike page-builders and other web designs which may prefer to use a pre-set template for your website, we want to make sure our websites are designed with you in mind. Our sites follow the format you want, so if you want some sections of the website to be styled entirely different from others, that is not a problem.

Websites can be costly, especially if being run on a web designer’s custom-engine; which can also make it impossible for you to take with you should you want to look at another provider. Our websites are built on an opensource platform, making it more cost-effective, totally transferable and entirely yours.

Do you understand what you’re getting when having a website designed for you; what you can change and what’s included and not included? Our proposals provide you with clear itemisation along with follow-up training to ensure you’re fully equipped to manage your brand new website.

Optimisation is key when it comes to a successful website. We ensure that the site back-end optimised so the website loads in expected timeframes and isn’t choked up with unnecessary images or content. With sections being hidden from users unless they expressly want to see them so they don’t need to work hard to find the information they need.

Websites should be worthy of the organisations’ own unique branding. Our designs ensure that from start to finish, the website demonstrates and showcases your efforts and accomplishments.

Whether it’s animations, videos, sliding images or audio, we ensure websites are aesthetically pleasing and actively engage your audience, so that your services are advertised and provided in a way that meets your users’ needs.

Websites should be adaptable to the device it’s being viewed on. We ensure that throughout each web page, content is stylised to ensure consistent performance across all devices, but adapted to better suit the resolution of each device.


Our packages are as bespoke as the websites we create. After an initial consultation, we will return with a measured proposal based on your vision, with reduced rates available for Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise organisations.

In additional to our web design service, we offer website maintenance packages to ensure the smooth running of your website so you can focus on your regular day-to-day activities.

Previous Works

Please find our previous works below. Where not specified, Hull CVS do not actively maintain the website.

Gif of the landing page for Sector Connect Hull

Sector Connect Hull

Maintained by Hull CVS

Hull CVS was given a brief to create a clean and simple landing page style website that lead users to the various services that the Sector Connect Service offers, including an area for users to review all of the previous minutes of meetings and slides without having to download any files.

Web Hosting

The world of web hosting doesn’t have to be complicated. Our web hosting service simplifies your experience by doing the behind the scenes work for you, for a very reasonable price.


Our Web Hosting service provides you with:

  • Your own private named server.
  • Domain registered email addresses, e.g.
  • An SSL Certificate, so you can be reassured your users information is encrypted and secure.
  • Daily backups, with each backup lasting 10 days.
  • DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection.
  • Regular security scans and a comprehensive firewall.


Our pricing for web hosting is at a very comparable rate to others on the market. However before we able to provide any quotations we need to understand what your web hosting would involve to ensure that we are able to give you the very best support.


To discuss further, please us on 01482 324474 or use the contact form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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