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The workshop is directed at non-mental health specialist staff to give them the confidence to have a conversation about mental health using the Make Every Contact Count framework. This course is an extension of the MECC E-Learning and is adapted to suit the roles of the attendees.

The learning objectives of the course are as follows:

  • Overview of what is meant by mental health, mental wellbeing and mental illness, including recognised definitions, models and frameworks.
  • Define the MECC approach and explore how this can be applied for mental health
  • Develop skills and confidence to engage with parents/carers and Young People about theirs and their children’s mental health and well-being.
  • Develop skills to support parents/carers and Young People to understand distressing feelings and experiences.
  • Develop awareness of local support services and how to effectively signpost parents/carers and Young people to the appropriate service.

Prior to the course journals will be sent out to be used prior to/during and after the course.

To apply for a space on the training the potential delegate would need to provide their name, contact details including e-mail, their job title and a few details about their role.

  • Wednesday 6th July 9am-12.30pm / Online
  • Thursday 29th September 9am-12.30pm / Online
  • Monday 10th October 1pm-4.30pm / Online
  • Tuesday 22nd November 1pm-4.30pm / Online
  • Thursday 1st December 1pm-4.30pm / Online
  • Wednesday 7th December 9am-12.30pm / Online

To book a place on a course, please complete this application form and email: learninganddevelopment@hullcc.gov.uk

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