Suicide Prevention Training – Talksuicide

20 minute online training at which also has information about the #TalkSuicide campaign (aiming to reduce the stigma around talking about suicide by raising awareness about suicide in our communities and encouraging our people to complete suicide prevention training).

Self-Harm Awareness and Response

For anyone working with children and young people it can be challenging to understand how best to support somebody who uses self-harm behaviour.  This workshop seeks to dispel some of the myths of self-harm behaviour and give confidence to participants to be able to respond to disclosure, provide support and signposting in a positive way that maintains open communication and builds trust.

Empower Programme

Empower is a research-based, free self-management programme that helps you to cope with your long-term health conditions. The programme provides you with a range of lifestyle techniques to help you take control of your condition increase your confidence and improve your quality of life.