The Future Shift project is provided by TimeBank Hull and East Riding and has a specific focus on the world of work and all the wonderful opportunities and choices relating to it.

They offer bespoke support to those seeking work, wanting to start a business or apply for full time training. They can support anyone from eligible Hull postcode areas, in whatever way they need. They welcome people from all walks of life and with varying needs and have access to interpretation services, welcome those with mental health challenges, learning difficulties, those who are neurodiverse etc. They centre in East Hull has disabled access and a gender-neutral toilet.

They are a CLLD funded project and therefore, unfortunately, restrictions around postcode do apply.

IT equipment and support

They offer free laptops to keep with IT support, if needed. With the internet being such an important part of the world of work, many of our participants benefit from having their own laptop and support with how to use it.  There are opportunities for training to help others use IT via their Pass IT On project.

Coaching and mentoring

They offer a range of support to help people move towards work or training. This includes identifying the most enjoyable types of work best suited to them and their life. They look at an individual’s interests, strengths and needs and use a broad range of coaching and mentoring tools to bring out the best in them. They offer time and space to explore career aims and plan realistic goals.

They can help identify suitable jobs, including showing how to sign up for updates from job vacancy sites.

They support those without a CV to create one and particularly love assisting with first time CVs for those who have never worked. For those who already have a CV, they can offer a CV MOT – a chance to look at tweaking it to ensure it is up-to-date and stands out from the crowd. They can also help identify volunteering and training opportunities via the TimeBank network and our other projects, such as the MAGIC water management project, to enhance your experience and offer to employers. They help and support with completing job applications, interview preparation and practice and bolster confidence with the big step that is starting a new job.

Group or 1:1 mentoring is available around identifying strengths, confidence-building and overcoming challenges to getting into work. These are particularly popular following health setbacks (physical or mental), returning to work after a break for any reason, including maternity leave, or starting work for first time. These sessions are open to all participants.

Fast track job-seeking support

For those who want more traditional support and know what work they are looking for, they can signpost to job websites, review CVs, proofread job applications and help write letters to potential employers. Intensive support can be offered to those needing to quickly secure work.

An interview and work clothes library

They have an interview and work clothes library. This works like a regular book library but instead of books, interview and work clothing is available to borrow.

Help to find and start training

For those focused on training rather than work, they can help to find affordable training or enter full time study. They can support throughout the application process and help apply for student loans or funding.

In terms of finding out about different sectors, types of work and making meaningful contacts within workplaces, they have a friendly TimeBank membership of approximately 1000 people, both individuals and businesses. Project participants are welcome to join the TimeBank and access members’ skills, request volunteering opportunities and much more.

Starting or expanding a business

They are excited to offer support to those wishing to start a new business or develop an existing business or begin self-employment. They have meeting and hot desk spaces available to use at Marfleet Community Centre (East Hull). They offer use of our professional kitchen and catering sector training is available to those who are interested.

Creating a co-operative

They are keen to support local people who might like to start a co-operative business together, where everyone has an equal voice. There’s no boss telling anyone what to do!

For more information contact Adele or Angi: