Good governance is fundamental to the success of all voluntary and community sector groups and organisations. It enables and supports compliance with the law and relevant regulations. It also promotes a culture in which everything works towards fulfilling the group/organisation vision.

To support VCS groups and organisations Hull CVS offer a range of training.

Courses include:

This course will cover the basics of setting up your group and choosing the right legal form.

The emphasis of the training is to allow participants to understand the different legal forms an organisation can have and guide them through the process of choosing the right structure.

Course aims:

  • To give an overview of the most common types of organisation
  • To identify what charitable status means
  • To give an overview of the process of incorporation and registration

Hull CVS has teamed up with HCUK Training to offer FREE Introduction to Governance.

This session will discuss the latest information and guidance from the Charity Commission, explore good practice in governance and assess your own organisation’s approach to governance to support you in developing a plan for improvements.

During the session we will carry out a self-assessment of our own governance using the Charity Governance Code.  This session is aimed at people who want to improve the governance of their own organisation or community/development workers who want to use the Charity Governance Code to share with other groups.

This course aims to provide a more in depth understanding of confidentiality and record keeping. Providing information on the importance of accurate and true record keeping. It will also identify the duties of all staff in relation to confidentiality.

Course Aims:

  • To explore confidentiality and information sharing
  • To discuss staffs ‘Duty of Care’ in relation to service users information
  • To establish a shared understanding of best working practice when record keeping


  • Have an understanding of when information can and should be shared on a need to know basis and to know what to do and say in these particular circumstances
  • Understand their professional role in the context of observing confidentiality in relation to sharing on a need to know basis for the protection and safeguarding of adults at risk
  • Know the purpose and principles behind high quality written information
  • Recognise information that is appropriate for recording

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