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Are you passionate about making a difference?

Funded by NHS Charities Together, the Health Captains programme is a pilot initiative to identify ways that volunteering initiatives can help reduce pressures on NHS services, and empower people in their health and care journey.

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The Health Captains programme aims to:

  • Identify existing volunteering programmes across the Humber area which support individuals either in accessing health care services or in managing their recovery and condition.
  • Identify further opportunities whereby volunteers could support individuals in this way.
  • Work with healthcare and voluntary sector partners to develop and implement new such initiatives.

Over the next coming year:

The Health Captains programme will work with local providers of health to encourage them to utilise volunteers in a range of new roles. These might include:

  • Long Term Conditions Buddies – matching individuals who are newly diagnosed with a condition with a volunteer who is experienced in either self-managing or caring for an individual with that condition.
  • Appointment Buddies – volunteers assigned to accompany individuals to medical appointments to help them digest the information given.
  • Ward support – volunteers providing support and companionship to patients on hospital wards, both during their stay and in the transition to their return home.
  • Telephone Befriending – volunteer befriending service aimed at supporting individuals who are lonely or isolated.
  • Digital Navigator – volunteers to assist patient’s skills and motivation in utilising digital health technology.
  • Community Empowerers – volunteers to accompany individuals to community provision, such as exercise classes, whilst their confidence is built to feel more able to attend alone.
  • Good Neighbours – scheme aimed at recruiting ‘good neighbours’ aimed at identifying individuals who may be isolated or struggling.
  • Mentors – volunteers recruited for their ability to relate to or emphasise with certain individuals and can provide the trusted specialist support.

How you can use your experience to help others

Do you have a long-term health condition or have experience of caring/ supporting people who have one? 

Hull CVS Health Captains are looking for empathic and caring people to ensure the health and wellbeing needs of people who may be lonely and have healthcare issues. 

We have opportunities available Mondays to Fridays, depending on your availability.

Tasks and Responsibilities Include:

  • Offering your lived experience to provide peer support to patients
  • Calling individuals and checking on their wellbeing.
  • Escalating any healthcare/ social care needs to Healthwatch or other relevant organisations as necessary.

To find out more, please visit:


For further information about Health Captains programme, please contact a member of our team on 01482 595295 or via the contact form below:

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