The Police and other Community Safety Partners work hard to keep you safe and deal with neighbourhood issues. In order to do this they need to know what issues are taking place in communities and this comes from you and your neighbours.

Sadly many people don’t report issues for a number of reasons, such as leaving it to others to report, frustration at a perceived lack of action or due to previous difficulty/time taken to call the police and other agencies in the past.

But did you know that there are a range of online channels for reporting – crime, anti-social behaviour, information about those involved in crime and other community issues – which maybe quicker and easier for you?

Below is some guidance around online reporting channels for the police and other agencies.

Online reporting to the Police

  • You can report a non-injury collision online when it has occurred in the Humberside Police area. The collision needs to have occurred on a road or in a public place where there was damage to another person’s property.

You can report a non-injury collision online at

  • A non-emergency crime is a crime that does not require an emergency response such as reporting burglary of non-domestic or commercial premises e.g. sheds and outbuildings, theft, criminal damage or theft from or damage to vehicles.

Report them online at

  • Hate crimes / hate incidents can take place anywhere – at home, in the streets, at work, online or at school. No-one should have to live with the fear, anxiety and consequences of hate. Reporting it when it happens will help us to authorities deal with it and may prevent these incidents from happening to someone else. You will also help us understand the extent of hate crime in your local area so we can better respond to it.

Report it to Humberside Police online –
Report it anonymously to True Vision –

Online reporting of anti-social behaviour – Hull City Council

Anti-social behaviour includes:

  • Misuse of public space – groups of people congregating in green spaces designed for recreation such as parks and sports fields. These groups could be drinking alcohol, dropping litter and dangerous items such as broken bottles.
  • Intimidation and harassment – verbal abuse, actual violence and threats of violence
  • Noise nuisance – loud music, televisions or dogs barking

You can report incident by calling Hull City Council on 01482 300300 or report incidents online at

Online reporting of those involved in crime – Crimestoppers

Crimestoppers are an independent charity who allow members of the public to anonymously report people involved in criminality in their neighbourhood. The information is then passed onto authorities to support them in tackling criminality and bring offenders to justice. You can call the charity on 0800 555 111 or report incidents online at

Online reporting of anti-social behaviour – Hull City Council

Fly tipping is an environmental crime and Hull City Council treat it very seriously and will pursue those responsible where evidence is available to identify and locate those responsible

If you find fly tipped waste:

Online reporting of fraud or scams – Action Fraud

Action Fraud is the UK’s national reporting centre for Fraud and Cyber Crime where you should report fraud if you have been scammed, defrauded of experience cyber crime. You can report and get advice about fraud or cyber crime by calling Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or report incident online at
In addition you can report attempted fraud or scams at

Online reporting of untaxed vehicles – DVLA

If you see an untaxed vehicle on a public road, you can report it. Your report is anonymous and will be investigated. You can check vehicles are taxed and then report them if they are untaxed online at

Online requests to Humberside Fire and Rescue Service
Humberside Fire and Rescue Service offer Safe and Well visits that are tailored to an individual’s needs, relating to their health and lifestyle choices. This is primarily for vulnerable people but you can request a visit online at:

In an emergency call 999 and for non-urgent fire issues call 0300 303 8242. Alternatively you can text/WhatsApp message to the Arson Alert Text Line 07940 737141 with anonymous information about deliberate fires being started in their neighborhood.

Calling Humberside Police

In an emergency, where a crime is in progress or you, or someone else is in danger, you should always dial 999.
For non-emergency matters you should dial 101.

999 statistics – 999 calls requiring a blue-light response always take priority over other calls, so effectively they go to the front of the queue. In July 2019 alone, Humberside Police received over 15,200 emergency 999 calls and throughout the last year that demand has only once dropped below 10,000 per month. The Force’s aim is to answer 999 calls within 10 seconds, and over the last 12 months has usually performed well, with 86% of calls regularly answered within that time and an average answer time of 13 seconds.

Some calls received are not genuine emergencies and work is ongoing to educate the public when it is not appropriate to call 999. It is hoped this will improve things further, leading to even faster response times for callers who need a genuine emergency response. Some recent examples of inappropriate 999 calls can be found HERE.
Humberside Police will always protect the emergency 999 line and therefore at times of high emergency demand they utilise the staff from the 101 non-emergency line to answer 999 calls.

101 Statistics- The vast majority of calls Humberside Police receive are not emergencies needing an immediate police response, and these are handled by the 101 number. In recent times the 101 number came in for a good deal of criticism with some callers experiencing
unacceptable delays in getting their calls answered. To address these problems Humberside Police underwent a major review of their call centre, known as the Force Control Room (FCR), and have recruited and trained more staff to answer calls.

The Commissioner Keith Hunter holds regular governance meetings with the Chief Constable and is assured that performance has improved considerably from where it was in recent years. Performance has improved to such an extent that other police forces have visited Humberside Police to see how their example could benefit their own Force, and Humberside’s FCR is now recognised as one of the best in the country. Keith Hunter will continue to monitor this situation with the Force to ensure performance continues to improve.

When calling 101, the Humberside Police switchboard answer all calls in the first instance and assess the best route to direct the enquiry. Some calls are not police business and callers are directed to the appropriate agency to call, for example the local Council. 101 calls are further split between ‘crime’ calls and ‘incident’ calls, crime calls are where members of the public are reporting crimes after they have occurred and an emergency response on blue lights is not required, for example a burglary where the perpetrator has left the scene. The other type of 101 calls are incident calls which are not crime-related and can range from road traffic problems to neighbourhood disputes, missing persons and a variety of other matters. In the 12 months to July 2019 the average answer time for all 101 calls was 1 minute 26 seconds.