The Membership Services Team at Hull CVS can help deliver a range of free support and advice to help in the start-up, development and sustainability of local voluntary and community sector organisations.

The HU4 Community Group is one group we have supported. They were set up in August 2019 with the aim of bringing together the community that live in HU4, by means of providing updates and useful information about the area that they live in.

Since then it has developed into something much bigger. It became apparent to the residents that the community needed a community space, a central point where groups they could hold regular residents meetings, a room where outside service providers could hold essential appointments with the community it serves.

Dawn and Terry are the community champions who have drove the community group with an active Facebook for residents, development of the green space at Dragon Park, starting a community library, running a food bank and most recently launching the HU4 Community Café on 29th October.

We are delighted to see how this group has developed. Well done to everyone involved.

If you need support from The Membership Services Team email