Hull and District Live at Home – introduction

Hull & District Live at Home is a local based charity that runs Activity/ Friendship/ Craft and Lunch Clubs for older people from a lovely venue, the Commonwealth Homes Community Hall, Hartoft Road, Hull.

We are very interested to hear from any charity/ organisation/ self-help group or individuals who support/ wish to support older people locally. We wish to look at the possibility of us working together to help those older people who benefit from getting involved/ back involved in their communities, how and where they could join a Social club/ activity club or lunch club etc. Our aim is to help support the health needs of older people by helping to tackle loneliness and isolation through involvement, activity, social interaction and support.

I would be very grateful to hear feedback about this and perhaps to organise discussions/ meetings to consider in more details/ develop a referral pathway and greater understanding of how our charity can benefit local older people seeking help/ support/ information.

Please email responses –

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