Grant funding is available to voluntary and community organisations from £100 up to £5M+ from grant-making bodies such as the Big Lottery Fund, and charitable trusts and foundations.

Some public sector bodies such as the local council, Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner or NHS trusts also award grants for specific local projects.

You may also find grants available from corporations where they have a corporate social responsibility programme.

For details of new or existing grants we recommend that groups and organisations sign up for updates from the Hull 4 Funding Community Portal (website

Courses include:

A beginners overview to begin exploring grant applications including –

  • Type of funding – What are the different types of funding available?
  • Funder’s eligibility – What is the criteria they look for and are you eligible?
  • Funding applications – What are the different types of funding?
  • Searching for funding – How do you find the funding you want, where to look and how to keep informed.
  • Applications – What are the different types of application processes and what should a good application include?
  • Application content – What will applications ask and where can you get the information needed?
  • Research and evidence – How and where to research?
  • Supporting documents – What are these?
  • Budgets – What does good budget look like?

Case studies and funding application examples.


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