IT & Marketing

I.T. and marketing will provide your organisation with a set of tools which will help you run your activities, services and fundraising much better, whether you are a small or a large organisation.

Courses include:

At the end of this free workshop, the:

  • Learner able to access and create Business Social media profile’s on appropriate platforms
  • Learner is able to add/share content on social media platforms
  • Learner understands the legislation and etiquette for posting on Social Media
  • Learner is able to use multiple control platforms to maximise reach of social media posts
  • Learner understands the workings of each social media platform they will be using i.e. Algorithms, Paid Boosting, Hashtags

Delivered in partnership with NatWest

NatWest Community Banker Amanda Smith will be giving practical and impartial advice on how to stay safe from scams with the Friends against scams awareness training.

The session covers:

  • Why is learning about scams important?
  • Types of Scams
  • How to spot a victim…
  • Anyone can be a scam victim…
  • Spot the signs
  • Top Tips – what can you do to protect yourself and/or others?
  • Reporting a Scam

Lets take a stand against scams!


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