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Smile Trustee Academy

Quality Trustees are vital to the success of a charity and the Smile Foundation recognises the need for more outstanding Trustees to support charities across our local area.

Just over 80% of charities registered to benefit from Smile services have highlighted the need for new Trustees to join their charity. This reflects the level of the national Trustee crisis with a significant lack of new Trustees entering the sector.

HEY Smile Foundation see individuals from local businesses and public sector services who have the skills required to become a great Trustee, however, lack the knowledge and confidence of what becoming a Trustee really involves. Likewise, we see existing Trustees who have the passion but not always the knowledge to help steer and drive a Charity forward.

Thanks to sponsorship from Smailes Goldie, HEY Smile Foundation have been able to develop and deliver the Smile Trustee Academy, delivering three programme cohorts each year since 2018. The programme is made up of 11 inspiring two-hour sessions (delivered via Zoom & Teams), covering a range of topics to prepare people to become outstanding Trustees for Hull and East Yorkshire. These are delivered with  partners across the private, public and voluntary sector. The focus is very much on equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to fully understand what to expect, and to be able to add value to a Charity they may decide to get involved with or are already involved with.

Why join The Trustee Academy?

Learning & Development:

The programme is an excellent learning and development opportunity for people looking to enhance their skill set, which can be incorporated into personal development plans.

Giving Back:

Becoming a Trustee is a great way to use and develop skills and give something back to the local community, helping to make the charity sector stronger and more resilient.


Candidates develop lasting relationships with their programme peers, providing the opportunity for individuals to share best practise and experience of their own Trustee boards. A go-to network for sharing advice and guidance.

Trustee Matching:

HEY Smile Foundation can advise of appropriate charities that match your personal interests as well as your skill set.

To find out more or to register your place for the next programme, please contact Tessa Wray on

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