Tenants Forum

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Help to shape the future of Hull's Housing Service If you think that services could be improved or you have suggestions on how we can combat problems in your area, why not come along to our next meeting. For more information please contact the Tenant Participation Team on 300300 or email tenant.resident@hullcc.gov.uk.  

Tackling Serious and Organised Crime: Reducing the Risk, Threat and Harm

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According to Home Office estimates, Serious and Organised Crime (SOC) costs the UK more than £24 billion per year and includes drug trafficking, human trafficking, organised illegal immigration, high value crimes, organised acquisitive crime and cybercrime. In its fourth annual public analysis of the nature and scale of serious and organised crime affecting the UK

The Future of Primary Care

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Primary care services are central to transforming people’s health and wellbeing, providing 90% of all NHS patient contact (Gov.uk 2015). However, primary care services are under unprecedented strain from rising demand, with patients finding it increasingly difficult to access services. Indeed, the number of outpatient appointments has nearly doubled since 2006-07, rising from 63.2 million


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