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Group Support

Hull CVS can support you and your community group or organisation with a range of topics, including:

  • Funding searches, information and advice
  • Identifying your training needs
  • Direct support with your policies and procedures
  • Networking within your local area
  • Volunteering support
  • Advice on holding and running meetings
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities
  • Information on legal structures

Help can be provided in many ways and we will work with you to identify any needs and service gaps you may have.

FREE group healthchecks

We offer free healthchecks to assess your group or organisation’s strengths and to develop strategies for its sustainability and growth. Our healthcheck covers:

  • Ensuring your charity/organisation meets Charity Commission guidelines
  • How to maximise effectiveness in meeting your objectives
  • Making the most of your existing resources and how to access additional ones
  • Helping you to make your organisation more sustainable
  • Advice on relevant training and networking events
  • Advice on good practice in managing your organisation
  • Advice on working with volunteers and marketing your volunteering opportunities

For further information, contact Kevin Delaney at or call 01482 595566.

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Contact us:

Hull CVS
The Strand
75 Beverley Road

01482 324474

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