Healthcheck Service

Hull CVS is offering all voluntary and community organisations in Hull a free organisational healthcheck service.

Conducted on a one to one basis by one of our Sector Advisors, the healthcheck takes around an hour to complete and helps you to assess your organisation’s strengths, barriers, and any support you can access. The healthcheck will look at areas such as service delivery, governance, finance, policies and procedures, and resources and assets; as well as any funding, volunteering or training needs.
From the healthcheck analysis, a tailored action plan will be developed that identifies any actions needed to ensure your organisation is operating as best it can.

  • Maybe your group is very new and you want to be sure you’re on the right lines?
  • Maybe you’re not sure where to start?
  • Perhaps you’ve struggled to obtain grants? Been turned down?
  • You might want to know if you can charge for things you do?
  • Maybe you need some fresh ideas?
  • Maybe your group has run into difficulties in the past?
  1. It provides you with the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive internal audit of your systems and operations.
  2. It ensure you are operating within legal and best practice frameworks.
  3. It identifies any recommended areas for development.
  4. It ensure you are meeting all commonly requested criteria in funding applications, ensuring you are best placed to apply for the fullest range of opportunities.
  5. It helps ensure you are utilising your resources most effectively.
  6. It provides you with a focussed direction for the development and sustainability of your organisation.
  7. It provides you with eligibility to become a member of Hull CVS, offering access to further support and reduced cost services.
  1. Hull CVS will directly support you in fulfilling your action plan. This may include advising on appropriate legal structures or providing template policies and procedures.
  2. We can provide you with funding advice, ensuring your project is ‘fit to fund’, helping you to find funding and providing advice on applications.
    We can provide you with volunteering policies and good practice, and offer a volunteer brokerage service and the ability to advertise you volunteering vacancies.
  3. We can help identify any training needs for you organisation and directly provide or source relevant courses.
  4. We can advise on any relevant local developments or strategies and provide support in identifying how your service sits with these local plans.
  5. We can help define your goals and objectives and advise on monitoring and evaluation systems so you are better placed to evidence a case for need for your service.
  6. We can help facilitate partnerships with private businesses or other VCS organisations to access wider support, share back office functions, or collectively bid for contracts.
  7. We can provide networking opportunities and signpost you to other areas of support.

The core purpose of Hull CVS is to support the development and sustainability of the voluntary and community sector, and ensure that groups and organisations have access to the support they need. We do not receive any funding to fulfill this, but instead have developed ourselves in to a self-sustainable position, utilising surpluses from our trading arms for reinvestment in the delivery of this core purpose.

To make an appointment for one of our Sector Advisors to provide your organisation with a healthcheck, please contact us on 01482 324474 or email

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