Volunteer Centre Hull

Our Volunteer Centre provides a range of information and support for people who want to volunteer; for voluntary and community organisations who involve volunteers; and local businesses that engage their employees in team building volunteering.

We advise hundreds of people each year who are keen to find out about interesting and rewarding volunteering opportunities.

Our Volunteer Centre offers the following services:

  • We link people with volunteering opportunities that match their interests, skills and knowledge
  • We support people to search for local volunteer opportunities
  • We run a brokerage for volunteers and volunteer involving organisations
  • We assist voluntary organisations to support and manage volunteers through specialist volunteer management training and good practice guides incorporating The Essential Guide to Volunteer Management
  • We promote and advocate volunteering in Hull; working in close partnership with public sector bodies, the private sector and voluntary and community organisations
  • We support employers to encourage volunteers to take time out during the working week to put something back in the communities in which they live.

To find out more about volunteering and how we can help you please email: vc@hull-cvs.co.uk or telephone 01482 324474.

Please note currently the volunteer centre is not offering a drop-in service.

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