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Each day, our staff work hard to deliver for our service users, whether it be through our Volunteer Centre, various professional services or the community programmes that we deliver.

It is important to us that we take the time to gather and highlight the impact of our teams, as without their dedication we wouldn’t be able to deliver the quality of service many have come to know and love.

The below testimonials are to demonstrate our commitment to quality and to share how our teams embody the values held at Hull CVS.

Direct Payments Hull

To Whom It May Concern, I wish to place on record how impressed I am with, not only my contact, Gina Boardman, but with all the members of the Hull CVS Payroll Team. I wish to single out Gina for extra praise, no matter how difficult or simple the payroll problem is to me, to Gina it’s a breeze and not only does that relieve stress, its peace of mind knowing that I don’t have a worry with my Hull City Council Care Package Finances. All communication, mainly by email, with Gina (and team) are replied to within hours on the same day, an outstanding feat by such a hardworking team.

Without the expert, provisional Payroll services provided by Hull CVS I simply could not manage to understand the myriad of issues involved with the financial responsibilities that come with employing two Personal Assistant using the Personal Budget allocated by Hull City Council Social Services Department.

I would be happy to be contacted again at any time to discuss my long term experience as a CVS Payroll Client as Gina & colleagues deserve a LOT of credit for all their advice, assistance, superb financial knowledge and also the ‘breaking down’ of all the technical financial information (to me) into understandable plain, simple terminology.

I would like to thank everyone at the Hull CVS. You have all been absolutely amazing over the last 16 plus years. You have helped me in so many ways when I have been struggling and confused, so much so that when I moved to East Riding I chose to stay with you and pay for the service as I know that have a reliable and friendly service with Hull CVS even when I am last minute. Well done Hull CVS, you offer a great, second to none, service.

As a Payroll client I am delighted to say that my life is made substantially simpler by having the mechanics of employing a Personal Assistant substantially taken care of by Hull CVS. The service is easy to use and the fact that those who work so hard on our behalf also are always ready to help in whatever way possible is truly wonderful. I have nothing other than gratitude for the exemplary way in which the services are provided and for the really good and helpful attitudes of all of the staff I have met or had contact with. Special thanks, from me, must also go to Gina who handles the payroll for me.

CVS is very consistent with the payroll. We can count on CVS to provide any information we need. Karen Rustill is the lady who has been dealing with us and we find ourselves very safe, she is always ready to assist in any matter and to instruct us. No doubt she is a great asset to CVS. People in the reception and all other areas are great. We really appreciate all that CVS staff do for us.

Starting this new role as a PA Carer for my Aunt during lock down was both a challenge and a blessing for everyone involved, we couldn’t have done it without the continuous help and support from both CVS and Choices & Rights. 

They have both been there from the start, you are assigned a personal helper from each and when they are unavailable the other team members are there to help. They are professional, polite and caring something that is needed now more than ever in today’s world.

Care doesn’t just mean to provide physical support but for mental support too, carers like myself also need people to talk to, to vent to and just to have a moment to breath, to have a neutral party without being overbearing to your own family and friends who might not always understand or more so, that you don’t wish to burden. Nothing might be wrong per say but to have someone you can lean on and talk to when things start to become too much helps now more than ever, neither CVS or Choices & Rights ever try to turn you away or speak over you, force you to seek help elsewhere or tell you, you are a burden, they truly listen, point you in the right direction, give you multiple options and if they can’t help they go above and beyond to find someone who can. 

They truly make this type of job feel less like a job and keep you at ease, the high anxieties and stress can usually be relieved reasonably quickly with a quick phone call or email.

On behalf of myself and my family, they have really helped us all and we can only say thank you, especially to our wonderful personal supports, Gina and Rachel.

Funding and Grants

“We are grateful for the Starter Grant we received. The registration of Youth Aspire Connect with the Charity Commission would have been difficult without the ideas/suggestions that came during the consultations/stakeholder meetings. These meetings were possible because of the Starter Grant. Thank you”.

“The funding provided by Bransholme Trust provides the engagement to get young people to work with them which leads to future opportunities to gain recognised qualifications through the Arts Award.”

Healthwatch Kingston upon Hull

Service Providers

Healthwatch have provided a great deal of support for not only the patients visiting our health centre, but also our tenants. We have had a great deal of positive comments and also some fantastic comments on areas for improvement, which we very pleased to now be progressing with.

We would never have been able to get the patients opinions and feedback the way we have if it wasn’t for Healthwatch being on site, so a big thank you to them for allowing us to benefit from the service they provide.

Service Users

Healthwatch were a constant in terms of support and help during a stressful time for me. They kept in contact, sought help from the hospital and were always there for me.

Macmillan Benefits and Advice Service (Doncaster)

Everything was clearly explained over the phone and we were advised on services we were unaware about. We wanted to say thank you for helping us as we have found it stressful to find these services and it has made a big difference – thank you for all your help.

Room Hire

I would like to thank Hull CVS for firstly, the welcome I received here at the CVS and for all the help and support you have given to me and my students while I have been here.

I also feel as though I have worked here, a long time and feel like a member of the CVS Family. I have not seen one unhappy face in the building which proves it is a lovely place to work in and have highly recommended to my venue booking management team we keep on using the venue.

Fantastic facilities and very friendly staff. Nothing is too much trouble.

Excellent service as always. Friendly staff, clean / modern rooms and great facilities.

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